Life Between Mealtimes

Dear reader.

Despite doing plenty of cooking, working in a restaurant filled with delicious dishes, and – of course – maintaining my deep love of eating, food just hasn’t been on my mind over the last few months. Hence the lack of words about it.

However, since leaving uni (where cooking and eating were my chief source of health and happiness) I have wholeheartedly thrown myself into another, rather time-consuming, project: my career. I promise this is more fun than it sounds.

I’m on a mission to wiggle my way into publishing, whilst maintaining my ambitious plans to be a writer myself. This, along with the waitressing I do to save for my MA next year, requires a lot of brain space, leaving very little room for thoughts on food. As I say, my meals are as important as ever, but with much less time to spare, the food-writing part has, quite frankly, been thrown out of the window. Any chance I do get to write is for fiction, literature reviews and – as of now – short pieces related to all the exciting leaps I’m making into the wonderful industry of books. And it really is exciting.

And so, dear reader, in true Michelle Obama style, I am ‘swerving’. It may be a temporary ‘swerve’, it may be a permanent one – who knows. But most importantly, as a young, busy and ambitious creative, with a whole world of options ahead of me, swerving is totally allowed. (Thanks Michelle).

Besides, it’s only a blog. I’ll still write the odd bits on my beloved food, but I’m expanding my topics to the other parts of life which pass through the spotlight too. And I’m rather looking forward to it all.

So yes, I must admit, there is life between mealtimes. A lot of which is spent between pages, instead.

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